We have been advising and assisting large groups with their digital projects for several years. We use all the latest technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) ato create immersive, realistic and attractive experiences.

These technologies, combined with the resources of Serious Gaming, now enable us to offer immersive training that perfectly matches the expectations of learners and companies.

Virtual reality, the promise of an immersive experience

Virtual reality is a technology that reproduces an imaginary or real environment in which users can immerse themselves and with which they can interact. Headsets such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive now make this technology accessible to companies and the general public.


Augmented reality, the promise of an interactive experience

Augmented reality is a technology that enables virtual objects, 2D or 3D, to be superimposed in real time on the actual images seen by the user. The latter can then use these virtual objects to interact in the real world.

A young brunette woman in a white high-tech dress is wearing smart glasses and pressing her hand up against a holographic screen

Serious Games, a major asset for training

Serious Games can transform learners into actors/players in the training. The Serious Games can be played on a PC or on mobile phones. By using all the resources of the games (fun of playing, sharing, competition …) you achieve an excellent ROI and a real desire to continue to the end of the training modules.


The main devices


L’Oculus Rift (VR)

Available in 2016


Le HTC Vive (VR)

Available end of…


Le Playstation (VR)

Available in 2016


Le Cardboard (VR)

Available since 2014


Le Meta2 (AR)

Available end of…


L’HoloLens (AR)

Available end of…

These technologies enable the creation of applications that facilitate relationships between the company and its employees, and between the company and its customers.

Our references

We are already working with large French and international groups to set up various digital projects: mobile applications, serious games, VR/AR developments, consultancy …

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Our areas of activity


Industrie and services

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Health and pharmaceutical industry

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Museums and cultural institutions

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